Halloween is a particularly strong night for PKE activity and the NYC Ghostbusters will be on patrol throughout the evening in the area around the Halloween parade on call for only the most severe paranormal instances.

Initial meet-up is at 3PM at Columbus Circle.

Secondary meet-up up is at 7 PM at Union Square south (across from the Whole Foods).


3:00 – Meet at Columbus Circle – in the middle by the monument. (Lincoln Center and 55 Central Park west are right nearby if we so desire to visit)

4:00 – Move to Rockefeller Center [Walking ~20 min]

4:30 – Arrive at Rockefeller Center

5:00 – Move to NY Public Library [Walking ~20 min]

5:30 – Arrive at NY Public Library

6:00 – Make out way to Union Square

7:00 – Arrive at Union Square and meet up with the rest of the team. Make out way to the firehouse.

?:?? – Firehouse