Art and science are at the core of the what makes the Ghostbusters the Ghostbusters.

In the worlds of the movies and shows, science is the primary defense against the paranormal threats the Ghostbusters face.

Likewise here in the real world, art and science bring those movies and shows to life.

The NYC Ghostbusters participate in a number of charitable events throughout the year. Activities include a prop table (with demonstrations), a Marshmallow blaster target game, Ghostbusters themed coloring and craft activites, and our most popular activity – the Slime Lab.

These activities are paid for entirely with donations.

Any money collected goes right back into paying for materials for these activities. Unfortunately the only way to really earn money as a Ghostbuster is being an actor. None of the NYC Ghostbusters are paid, nor does any of the money the group collects go towards props or memorabilia. Members are responsible for their own gear.

If you would like to support the NYC Ghostbusters activities please consider buying a T-Shirt or directly donating to the group via Paypal.