Who are the New York City Ghostbusters?
The New York City Ghostbusters (NYC Ghostbusters) is a volunteer, costume play (‘cosplay’), children’s educational, fan-based volunteer organization established for and by the residents of New York City’s five boroughs (Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island). Though our members come from many different backgrounds and professions, we share one thing in common, an enthusiasm for the Ghostbusters movie franchise.

What is the mission of the NYC Ghostbusters?
Through participation in local community events, in-character costuming and prop building, the mission of the NYC Ghostbusters is to spread esprit de corps to all individuals we encounter and to foster teamwork through the development of individual and group imagination.

Do the NYC Ghostbusters actually “Bust” ghosts?
No, the NYC Ghostbuster is strictly a costume play (‘cosplay’), children’s educational, fan-based volunteer organization and does not conduct or engage in any form of paranormal investigations or eliminations.

How is the NYC Ghostbusters organized?
All members are volunteers. The NYC Ghostbusters organizational structure consists of the Board of Directors, the the Executive Staff and the General Staff Members. The Board of Directors is responsible for the management of all policy and decision making matters, while the Executive Staff is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the organization. Our General Staff is comprised of those individuals who have been fully indoctrinated into the franchise and are the backbone of the organization. Without these dedicated individuals, this franchise would not to exist.

How do I become a member of the NYC Ghostbusters?
The NYC Ghostbusters is an all-inclusive, non-discriminatory, gender-neutral, equal opportunity organization open to all individuals who are eighteen (18) years of age or older. Though the NYC Ghostbusters is not an elite group, this franchise does take its reputation and its mission very seriously. Therefore, those wishing to join the ranks of the NYC Ghostbusters must possess a high ethical and moral code, have a love of learning, possess a professional demeanor, display an active imagination, demonstrate a friendly disposition, and be willing to openly and graciously interact with the general public to include small children. If you are interested in membership, please click here and provide us with a brief introductory paragraph descriptive of your history and your interest in Ghostbusters.

Do I need a uniform and/or a proton pack to be a member?
The answer to this question is no, but you should at least have some kind of a Ghostbusters themed apparel (i.e. t-shirt, hat, etc.).

How do I get the NYC Ghostbusters to appear at my event?
Those wishing to book the NYC Ghostbusters at an event can do so by clicking here.

What does it cost to book the NYC Ghostbusters at an event?
It is the policy of the NYC Ghostbusters, as a non-profit organization, not to charge admission for or solicit any monetary gain for any event, public or private; if deemed appropriate, however, the NYC Ghostbusters may request that the hosting event provide reimbursement for the use of consumable materials and/or transportation costs.

Franchise Logo

Redesigned in May of 2014, the Big Apple “No Ghost” Logo has become iconic in representing the members of the New York City Ghostbusters. Taking its inspiration from New York City’s nickname “the Big Apple” the patch is a spinoff of the original Ghostbusters logo designed and created by Michael C. Gross. Since part of the mission of the NYC Ghostbusters emphasizes the education of the city’s youth, the use of the apple is only appropriate since it has grown to not only represent knowledge, but also education itself.

From left to right: Logos by Michael C. Gross, Luke Crisalli, and Chris Beaumont

From left to right: Logos by Michael C. Gross, Luke Crisalli, and Chris Beaumont