Hot on the tail of Cryptozoic’s super successful Kickstarter they have a number of Ghostbusters products coming to market.

Let’s start with the big one: Ghostbusters The Board Game

We talked to the folks at Cryptozoic about this one for awhile. They are listening to fan requests and they seem just as excited as we are and seem to be true fans of not just the movies but the original cartoon and IDW comic series. As of this writing Janine Melnitz has been unlocked. They have a lot more figures in the pipeline, and their digital artist is working hard pumping them out. We can expect to see a few more familiar faces in cold hard plastic before the dust settles on this one.

The company also announced a series of trading cards that will also be available later this year.


The set will feature animation cel cards, signed cards, and sketch cards.

What hasn’t gotten a lot of attention yet is their new series of Ghostbusters blind box figures:

crypto-figures crypto-blindfigures2

Each blind boxed figure will come with an exclusive trading card as well. Sketch cards will also appear and be 1 per case (of 12).

Cryptozoic has you covered in the kitchen as well with their Ghostbusters cookie cutters and Mr.Stay Puft apron and hat set:

crypto-gb-cookie staypuft-apron

Cryptozoic aren’t the only ones throwing their hats in the blind box Ghostbusters figure ring though, as Titans Vinyl Figures will also be releasing a set of figures later this year:






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