One of the coolest things on display this year at Toy Fair was the debut of the Vinyl Idolz line of figures – stylized versions of some of your favorite movie characters, including Ray, Peter, and Egon from Ghostbusters! (No Winston?!)


The booth even featured a 9 foot tall Peter Venkman!

venkmanvinyltall venkmanvinyltall-front venkman-rear

The figures will be available later this year. The 9′ Venkman is unfortunately not for sale.


Not everything at the show was “coming soon” however.

One of the more surprising Ghostbusters items that is currently available is the veritable marshmallow arsenal available from Marshmallow Fun.

They had a booth and were showcasing a number of their marshmallow weapons with a giant Ghostbusters target range:



They will also recently launched a Ghostbusters “Slime Ball” (a sort of soft football).


All of Marshmallow Fun’s items are available now!

Last but not least for this update, QMX’s stylized Ghostbusters figures (available later this year):



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