Toy Fair hit New York City this weekend, and we were there keeping an eye out for any and all Ghostbusters related merch either available now or coming soon. Here’s part 1 of what we saw!

Diamond had a lot of stuff so Part 1 focuses primarily on the items they had to show off, and perhaps the most exciting thing from Diamond was the announcement of a new line of Ghostbusters action figures that will be available later this year. We were told there would be 12 figures in the line, all from the first film and that each figure would come with a diorama piece to build a diorama from the film!


Winston and Ray were the only two figures on display, but as you can see they both feature a bunch of gear from the films.



Other accessories include proton streams, Ecto-goggles, traps and the diorama piece mentioned above (but not pictured). MSRP $24.99 for release later this year.


That wasn’t all Diamond had to show though.


Diamond will be releasing small plastic figures similar to those green army men you had when you were little. One set will be available in a plastic bag – you’ll get Ghostbusters and ghosts alike. Diamond will also make glow in the dark versions of the ghosts available as “blind box” figures available in glow in the dark slime containers. Ghosts include Gozer, Slimer, terror dog, Stay Puft, the Librarian ghost and the taxi driver ghost.


Besides toys Diamond also had a selection of novelty home goods including a vareity of bottle openers and a Slimer pizza cutter.


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