NYC Ghostbusters member Chris Beaumont recently completed his 3D printed Real Ghostbusters style PKE Meter prototype. Functionality currently includes turning knobs, retractable antennae, and symmetrically folding “wings”.

The meter has more than 10 separate parts that all snap together. The prototype was built to test size, weight and feel as well as the basic functionality. Plans for future versions include lights, working screen and even sound.

“I grew up with the Kenner PKE meter, but remember being slightly annoyed that the “wings” didn’t work like they did in the show, they were shaped wrong and would spin around instead of going up and down.” says Chris. “I wanted to build the version of the toy I’ve wanted since I was little.”


The 3D model was based on a technical drawing by GBFans user Kingpin and reference from the original television show. This prototype may be the most accurate version of the Real Ghostbusters PKE meter to date. Considering how good it looks already we’re super excited to see the next (final?) version!

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